Historic & Structural Retrofitting

We love to restore historic buildings, homes and businesses that are in serious danger due to structural damage. Poor construction, shifting foundations, storm damage, and plain old time can bring your home, business, or church to the brink. 

Benchmark Construction does complete building restoration. We strive to use the same type materials, look and feel, or design to return buildings to the same level of usefulness as they were originally built.

We can help you protect, rehabilitate, and replace damaged portions to bring back historic accuracy or stability.

Our Experience

Benchmark Construction has been there to clean up, rebuild, and restore for hundreds of projects.

We have four-decades of experience in home, church, and commercial building repair, getting people, business, and community back to normal after disaster strikes.

Restoration Happens

Living on the Big Island puts us in the path of hurricanes, earthquakes, lava, high winds, and fires. Aside from those natural disasters, sometimes things just break, causing pipes to leak or fires to start.

Leaky roofs, broken pipes, and flooding floors require a clean-up and restoration professional to get it done right and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

It’s important to act fast to prevent further damage when you experience unexpected flooding or fire. Get in touch with us as soon as possible and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Icon Water

Water Damage

You can feel confident in our experience and track record of homes and businesses we’ve restored from water damage.

  • Leaks in water lines or pipes
  • Overflowed bathtubs, sinks, toilets
  • Leaking washing machine or dishwasher
Icon Fire

Fire Damage

We’ll provide you with a detailed scope-of-work and begin the clean-up process to restore your home or business.

  • Home fire
  • Garage fire
  • Commercial building fire
Icon Wind

Wind Damage

Hurricanes and tropical storms bring big winds that can take a tremendous toll on structures. We can help you restore to good as new.

  • Roof repair for missing shingles/metal
  • Fence/wall repair
  • Roof/wall damage repair from tree fall

Recent Restoration Projects

Anderson Kitchen

Anderson Flood

Complete 4000 square foot Kona home flooded and closed up for 2 months resulted in a complete loss of the home’s interior due to mold.

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Addfire House

Fire Damage

This Paradise Park home’s large garage caught on fire and had to be completely rebuilt. As with most fires, the fire department soaked the entire interior damaging flooring, trim work, light fixtures, insulation etc.

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